Makeup Bag for High School

We all want to know the essentials for a high school makeup bag. Here is how to pack yours.


  1. 1Find a small bag. You don't want to be lugging around a gigantic makeup bag along with your purse and school bag. But you also don't want it to be so small either. You want it to be able to fill the empty space in your purse.
  2. 2Pack your makeup brushes.
  3. 3Pack any oil pads, or zit zappers you may have. You definitely need these if you have oily skin or have a problem spot. Also wipes. Use wipes to clean your face after lunch. Wash your face even if it doesn't seem a mess. Food can cause so much more oils on your face then you want.
  4. 4Pack concealers and blush. Of course you will need this because your face gets touched so much throughout the day. You want to be able to touch up your cheeks and any problem areas you are trying to hide.
  5. 5Decide on your eyeshadow. This, you will need to change daily unless you wear the same makeup every day. You should pack the same eye makeup you are already wearing because you don't have the time to change it at school. You just need to touch it up.
  6. 6Pack your lipstick. This, unlike eye makeup does not need to be the same. Most girls prefer to keep the same makeup throughout the day, but you may change your lips if you want. Always pack chap stick and lipgloss. You might find chapped lips later on in the day, and you might decide you want to add gloss to your lips. So these are essentials.
  7. 7Pack a small perfume bottle. You can find these at any makeup stores.
  8. 8Get a hairbrush. You want to be able to fix any knots at school, and using your hands and a sink in the bathroom might damage your hair.
  9. 9Pack a hair bow and bobby pins. You never know when there will be a test, or quiz. A lot of girls want to keep there hair out of there face when trying to take the test. Keeping the hair bow and bobby pins handy will help a lot. But you don't want bobby pins scattered in your makeup bag. So an easy way to pack them is tying your hair bow tightly around the bobby pins.
  10. 10Keep nail clippers. Take care of any nail misfortunes throughout the school day with these.
  11. 11Keep a tampon holder. You never know when your "monthly friend" will sneak up. You don't want tampons loose in your purse, especially if a friend will be in it. So keep them in your tampon holder and put the holder in your makeup bag.