How to Organize Your Makeup Bag (Middle School)

Middle school can be a nightmare or it can be a really beautiful memory. To make it a nice time you'll have to try to put effort in it, and one way is to look beautiful by having a fresh look all day long. Keeping an organized makeup bag can help!


  1. 1Select a cute bag. A furry pouch or a patterned bag can look stunning. Add designs to it by putting rhinestones or stick-on gems. You can also add key chains to spice it up.
  2. 2Gather your must-have makeup items. If you already have a makeup bag, sort out which are old and stinky and which are still reusable. If you're new to the makeup bag task, put in your favorite lip gloss, some lip balm, mascara and maybe some perfume or feminine products if you use it. Take some deodorant if you have gym class that day.
  3. 3Put products into smaller containers as necessary. Buy some small storage containers and put some products, like lotions from big containers, into those to save space. This way you can also decorate it.
  4. 4Use pouches or small bags to keep your bag and cosmetics clean. Make sure your brushes are stored in a separate pouch or are bagged before you put them into your makeup bag. You don't want foundation-plus-blush marks all over your bag.
  5. 5Add some optional but useful extras. Put in a comb, a brush, a small mirror, and maybe some hand cream. They are optional, but can make a great big difference for your look. Imagine putting on makeup without a mirror - you don't expect a perfect look. Decorate old ones with Sharpies and stickers if they're not funky enough.
  6. 6Keep your bag organized. Sort out your supplies once in a while. So the tube of lip gloss is used up? Or do you need more Band-Aid for emergencies? Stock your supplies but make sure they don't overflow.
    • Toss any used-up makeup items. They look awful and use up your space.