How to Store Handbags

Handbags come in so many different shapes and sizes that storing your bags might seem puzzling. Fortunately, purses can be kept easily on shelves or hooks. Luxury or designer purses, however, may need more care. If you’re short on space, don't worry. You can make the most of what you have with creative storage techniques.

1Organizing Your Handbags

  1. 1Sort your handbags by size and type. Large and sturdy purses should be kept together while smaller or flexible purses can be placed somewhere else. Make sure that similar bags are together so that if you need a certain type of bag, you can look over your options.
    • For example, if you have clutches that you like to take when you go out at night, keep these together.
  2. 2Prop larger purses upright on shelves. If the purse can stand up on its own, keep it on a shelf. This includes larger bags, such as tote bags, or bags made out of a sturdy material, like leather or canvas. This will preserve the bag’s shape without distorting the handles.
    • Cubbies work great to help keep purses organized and upright.
  3. 3Hang smaller and slouchy purses by the handles. This works well for small, lightweight purses (like satchels or shoulder strap bags) and for bags that can’t sit up on their own (like hobo bags). Make sure that the purse is empty before hanging it so that the handles do not stretch out. You can hang purses using:[1]
    • Command hooks
    • Coat racks
    • Hangers
    • Shower hooks on a closet rod
    • S-hooks
  4. 4Stick clutches in a shoe box or shoe organizer. Clutches often do not have straps, but they can’t stand upright either. A shoe organizer will keep them separated. Put 1 or 2 clutches in each compartment. If you only have 1 or 2 clutches, keep them in separate shoe boxes.[2]
    • Try to avoid stacking clutches on top of one another. This can cause scratches or bending.
    • You can also use a magazine or file organizer from a stationary or office supply store. Stick a clutch in each divider so that they are standing vertically.[3]
  5. 5Keep everyday purses by the front door. If you have two or three purses you use regularly, you may want to keep them by the door. Install coat hooks to hang the purses or let them sit on a side table.[4]
  6. 6Place special occasion purses in a closet. If you don't use certain purses as often, you may want to keep them out of the way. Designate a closet with shelves where you can store your purses while they are not being used.[5]
  7. 7Keep your handbags off the floor. The floor can cause dirt and mildew to build up on your purse. Whether you decide to hang your purses or put them on a shelf, keep them from touching the floor.

2Protecting Luxury Bags

  1. 1Clean the bag before you store it. Take a lint roller and move it through the inner lining to pick up any dust or dirt. If the bag is made out of hard-pressed leather, use a damp towel or alcohol-free baby wipe to clean the outside. If it is made out of natural leather or suede, dust it off with a dry paper towel.[6]
    • You can also use leather cleaners. These can be bought at some grocery stores or online.
  2. 2Stuff the handbag with paper to keep its shape. Fill the bag with crumbled acid-free paper, bubblewrap, old t-shirts, or a scarf. Do not overstuff the bag. Use just enough to fill the purse so that it keeps its nice shape.[7]
    • Do not use newspaper to stuff your bag. The ink might stain your lining. Instead, use plain tissue paper from a gift shop or office supply store.
  3. 3Cross the handles of the purse. Slide 1 handle under the other to cross them. Unclip the straps, and place them inside of the purse. You want to make sure that neither the handles nor the straps are bent or stressed during storage.[8]
  4. 4Slip the purse into a protective cover. You can use a dust bag or a cotton pillow case. It should be large enough to comfortably fit the purse without bending the handles or crushing the sides.[9]
    • Many designer purses will come with a dust bag. Keep this bag so that you can store your purse.
    • Keep only 1 purse in each bag.
    • Do not use covers made out of vinyl or plastic. These can cause moisture to build up and wear down the bag.
    5Keep the bag in a dry, cool area. Most designer bags are made from leather or fabrics that might fade in the sun. Keep them in a closet or on a shelf that is outside of direct sunlight. Keep the temperature cool. If you can, place the bag in a cool closet or near a source of air conditioning.[10]
  5. 6Place each bag upright on the shelf. Each handbag should be standing upright. Do not hang the purse. Hanging a designer or luxury purse can affect the shape of the handles and strap.[11]
    • If your purse will not stand up straight or if it won't fit on the shelf, lie the purse flat on its side instead. Do not stack any other purses on top.
  6. 7Leave a gap between each purse. None of your purses should touch each other. This is because buckles, zippers, and hardware can scratch other purses. The dye from patent leather can transfer to other purses if they are touching. Put about 1 inch (25 mm) between each purse.[12]

3Maximizing Your Space

  1. 1Stick small purses inside of larger purses. Clutches can go into satchels, which might fit into totes. Keep the largest bag on a shelf. This will help you maximize the space that you have.[13]
  2. 2Install hooks on the sides of dressers and shelves. Use S-hooks or command hooks. Place the hooks on the side of other large pieces of furniture, such as dressers, bookshelves, and side tables.
    • Command hooks are attached to furniture using an adhesive strip. These usually will not damage furniture.
    • S-hooks are stronger than command hooks, but you will need to drill a hole in the furniture to install them.
  3. 3Hang a bag organizer on the back of the door or on a closet rod. You can buy purse organizers from home goods stores or online. These will attach to a door or to a tension rod. Hang 1 purse from each hook on the organizer. Put smaller purses on top and larger purses near the bottom.[14]
  4. 4Place the handbag into its original box if you have it. The box will be just the right size to store the purse without bending or pressing down on the purse. The boxes can also be stacked while bags should never be stacked.[15]
    • You may want to make it a habit to keep any boxes that your purses come in.