Picnic-Lunch bag box will take care your foods

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We go camping for several days. We have lunch bag and will have the 5 day cooler, but as long as you keep ice in it.. all should be fine. 

The lunch box is used to store food to be taken.
Aside from lunch boxes, many people prefer to use regular glass or plastic containers to transport their lunch to and fro. 
And Here are a few insulated lunch bags and carriers you might want to ... When it's not in use, it folds down neatly and can slip into another bag.

See below Lunch bag we make for you.

Lunch bag box

Dual Compartment Lunch Kit

Insulated Cooler Lunch Bag

Personalized Insulated Lunch Bags

Portable Lunch Box Bag Travel Picnic Food Storage Handbag Shopping Tote

Woman Lunch Tote bag

We think the Lunch Box is the best for packing small to medium lunches for kids or adults, while the Soft Cooler bag works better for heartier meals. These easy-to-carry lunch boxes keep stains and smells from lingering, and they’re the easiest we’ve found to clean. They’re also constructed well enough to withstand a few years of abuse.