How to Pack Your Tote Bag (Teens)

A cute tote bag catches the attention of others, but it should also be organised and clean with the right things that you will need on a daily basis. Read on to find out more!


  1. 1Buy a cute tote bag. If you live in America, you can buy one at Target, but many other shops do sell them.
  2. 2Pack your school supplies. Get a binder and some folders because they are lighter and slimmer. Put your planner, notebooks, etc.
  3. 3Pack a pencil case. But don't just put some pencils in. Be more organized. Put in a geometry set, some pencils, some mechanical pencils, pens (preferably at least black,blue,and red, but be unique!), highlighters, an eraser, a ruler, box of leads, and a sharpener
  4. 4Get a cute bag for your makeup if you wear/want to wear it. Again, you can get these from Target. Some things you can put in your makeup bag is concealer (if you feel like you need it), lip gloss or blush. But remember, don't be pressured into wearing makeup. Be you!
  5. 5
  6. 6Pack your wallet with your school ID, some lunch money, cards, receipts and some pics.
  7. 7Pack your water bottle and a snack (granola bars or raisins).
  8. 8Pack an "emergency kit" with things like pads and/or tampons and/or a diva cup (even if you haven't yet started your period), hair ties, bobby pins, perfume and hand sanitizers.
  9. 9Put in a good book you're currently reading, in case you're bored.
  10. 10Get some things you want to put in your bag in case you're in a boring class, like nail polish (if you're allowed in your school), nail file, etc.
  11. 11Put your personal things like your locker key, car key, house key, etc.
  12. 12Don't forget your cell phone, iPod and headphones. Music rocks!
  13. 13Pack some breath mints, since gum isn't allowed in most schools.
  14. 14If necessary, pack your contact lenses/glasses and their case.
  15. 15A camera and a paperback dictionary is also a must
  16. 16Sunglasses and an umbrella, you never know!
  17. 17Have fun!