How to Pack a Toiletry Bag (for Teen Guys)

Filled with the things needed for hygiene and cleanliness, toiletry bags are essential for any teen guy going on vacation.


  1. 1Pack dental items.
    • These include your toothbrush, travel toothpaste and dental floss.
    • Pack your toothbrush in a travel container which will protect the bristles and the rest of the bag from getting wet.
    • If you have braces, pack an orthodontic brush and elastics.
  2. 2Pack odor-control items.
    • These include deodorant and talcum powder.
    • An alternative to pore-blocking antiperspirants are crystal deodorants or natural deodorants.
  3. 3Pack things you will need to shower.
    • These include travel shampoo, bath liquid and conditioner (if you need it)
  4. 4Pack hair styling products.
    • These include a comb, hair gel, hair spray or whatever you need to keep your strands in place!
    • Folding combs, economy sized hair gels help save space!
  5. 5Pack some other essential things such as a nail clipper, a folding mirror, acne cream and a razor (if you shave).
  6. 6Zip it tight.
    • Make sure nothing inside is in a position to spill as opening a soiled toiletry bag on vacation really puts a wet blanket on things.