How to Buy a Handbag for Work

Are you having trouble figuring out what type of bag to buy for yourself, your wife, or just a friend? A great work bag is an incredible asset as it can carry all your work needs (papers, laptop, pens etc.) and all your personal needs in one. Keep three things in mind when you shop for the bag: durability, functionality and reality. Here is how.


  1. 1Test for durability. Use the scratch test by scratching bag with your finger to see if the see if the leather scuffs easily. If it does, it is not likely to be a suitable work bag. If you're a woman on the go, look for leather that stands the test of time:
    • pebbled grain leather; or
    • patent leather.
  2. 2Check the functionality. This depends on your lifestyle, so think about how many pockets you need and where they are located.
    • Pockets on the front and back can be a great boon for holding all sorts of things.
  3. 3Balance it with your needs. What is your reality? Consider the need for easy access to your mobile phone while holding a child
    • On the way to and from work, you need space to store magazines, books, laptop etc. for your commute.
    • Maybe you need straps? A bag with the option of a shoulder strap can be ideal for hands-free rummaging.
    • Perhaps you need pockets for quick access to clean kids' noses or to give them lunch money fast as they dash off at drop-off time.
  4. 4Finished.