50 best simple ways to use essential oils(21-30)

50 best simple ways to use essential oils(21-30)

21. Drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the rinse water of your towel. It will have amazing effects. 

22. Fishermen have been using Melaleuca for many years. When preparing the bait, drop the essential oil on your fingertips. The tea tree oil (Melaleuca) can cover the smell of people who will scare the fish.

23. To reduce fever, just rub the peppermint on your feet, neck and forehead without any unpleasant use or other side effects.

24. To expel mosquitoes and other picnic pests, you can drop a few drops of Terra Shield on the wax of the melting candle on the barbecue or on the coal of the barbecue grill.

25. Lemon oil is applied directly to the sputum. It is a method to effectively eradicate sputum. Apply it daily with essential oil until it disappears.

26. When studying on a long-distance bus or reading, studying, smelling Rosemary can promote sensitivity, activity and stimulate memory.

27. If you want to sell a house, it is easier to distribute the fragrance! You can use aromatic essential oils such as Clove, Lavender Essential Oil (Lavender) and Elevati on Epoxy on the stove or in your fragrance diffuser to fill the kitchen area. Sprinkle the scent of geranium essence (geranium) throughout the home to create a warm, cheerful and inviting atmosphere. Apply cinnamon oil (Cinnamon) to the furniture wood. It can be used as a brightener after wiping.

28. Adding essential oils to the coagulated pulp creates a lovely fragrance art creation.

29. Use essential oils to drop on bookmarks and other stationery. Drop the essential oil on the letter paper and put them in a plastic bag. Seal them all night in the aroma bag. When the letter is sent out, you can send out the aroma and bring a good message in the letter.

30. Make a pillow or fill and decorate the charms, drop two drops of essential oil on it, it will be a very worthy gift.

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