50 best simple ways to use essential oils(11-20)

50 best simple ways to use essential oils(11-20)

11. You can make a natural anti-mite collar, use a tea tree oil (Melaleuca) to soak a short rope or a soft rope, and use the animal's scarf or loosely tied around the neck.

12. The shoes can be ventilated, and the Geranium oil can be directly dropped into the shoes or the lemon cotton balls can be placed into the shoes. If it is the athlete's shoes, then the tea tree oil (Melaleuca) is better.

13. Put your favorite essential oil on the cotton ball and place it in the vacuum cleaner bag. Lemon essential oil (lemon) will clean the air. Geranium essential oil (geranium) helps pets remove odors.

14. Let the aroma spread in your kitchen and drawer and drop the essential oil on the cotton.

15. Is there a mouse hazard? A few drops of peppermint essential oil (mint) are placed on the cotton ball and the cotton ball is placed in the mouse in and out position.

16. The bathroom can hold a cotton ball of essential oil.

17. Rub directly with lavender essential oil (lavender) or tea tree oil (Melaleuca), or drop one or two drops to promote wound healing.

18. The aroma of homemade essential oil soap is pleasant, and when we often smell the essential oil, there will be a therapeutic effect.

19. Make a simple sachet at home, as long as the essential oil is blended with flowers and botanicals, the smell is very aromatic.

20. Drop the essential oil on a radiator or light bulb to give the room an amazing aroma, as well as a calming or uplifting effect. (but don't put the essential oil in the socket)

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