Travel Cooler Warmer Car Mini Cosmetic Bag Portable 12V Truck

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  • MOQ: 1000pcs
  • Feature: Fashion
  • Model Number: CS00091
  • Material: Customized
  • Size: 28X54X39cm
  • Color: Customized
  • Brand: OEM
  • Eco Friendly: YES


Product Details:
Cooling temperature22 degrees below ambient temperature
Heating temperatureup to 65 degrees
VoltageAC 12V,DC220V
Power50-65 watts
Refrigeration principlesemiconductor refrigeration
Product size28X54X39cm
Carton Size65X57X42.5cm 1set /12.6kg
USESrefrigerated drinks, fruit, skin care products, breast milk, meat, etc

Product features:

1. the international advanced semiconductor electronic refrigeration and heating technology can directly realize the refrigeration and heating functions, without compressor and freon, green environmental protection, energy saving light, long service life, less power consumption, simple structure, small size, indoor and outdoor can be used.

2. adopt the latest popular streamlined design, colorful, small and exquisite, respectable and elegant.

3. scope of application: vehicle 12V, home 220V

4. When using the direct current power supply of the car, one end of the DC power line, which is equipped with the vehicle refrigerator, is inserted in the DC electric jack of the incubator and the other end is inserted on the automobile cigarette lighter.

5. The vehicle refrigerator can realize the function of heating. In the case of power failure, as long as the lid is not opened, the hot food can be kept for 2-4 hours.

6, vehicle refrigerator in the heating state of the temperature can reach 60 degrees, so in the drink or food must be careful.